3 Maintenance Tips that Can Help Prepare Your Apartment Building for Winter

There are certain maintenance items must be accomplished in the fall in order to ensure that a property is ready for winter weather. Once it begins to snow and ice over outside, maintenance work can be difficult to complete and neglected items may result in expensive emergency repairs. At Peaks to Plains, part of our mission is to help apartment building owners in Denver with property management issues, including maintenance. That’s why we’ve put together the following tips and bits of advice to help you with your winter preparations.

1. Organize your plans with a checklist.

Creating a checklist helps to ensure that nothing gets left out and all maintenance projects are completed on time. When you’re making your checklist, you may want to consider what types of issues you’ve encountered during the past as well as usual winter maintenance items like cleaning gutters, checking heaters, and sweeping chimneys. Once you’ve got your checklist together, you can start contacting vendors or follow up with your apartment building’s property management company.Pro tip: After you’ve created your checklist, color code the items to determine how to prioritize your projects based on length and importance. You may also want to consider creating a calendar to distribute to tenants and staff so they know what to expect in advance.

2. Make preparations ahead of time.

Winters in Colorado can be unpredictable. Some years the first freeze happens as early as mid October but it can also arrive as late as the first week of December, which is why it’s always best to prepare in advance. Get longer maintenance projects completed ahead of time and out of the way to ensure that the weather doesn’t interfere with construction. You may also want to stock up on items like deicing salt and  gasoline for snow blowers.

3. Create a schedule for winter maintenance.

Once you’ve established your fall maintenance plans, it’s time to move on to winter. Keeping up on regular maintenance items like plowing and deicing is crucial to maintaining the safety and comfort of your tenants. Make plans and contact vendors in advance to avoid accidents and injuries and reduce the number of complaints.Taking steps to plan ahead for these matters can help you avoid complications and even save money on emergency repairs. And it can also help keep your tenants happier too. Happy tenants means less turnover and better business overall.


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