Benefits of Working with a Property Management Company for MDU Properties

As the city of Denver continues to grow and expand, apartment and MDU owners are being faced with a new series of challenges. For many, the increased cost of living for renters has lead to high tenant turnover rates, disputes, and other complications. As property owners struggle to fight off the competition, retain tenants, and recover from losses incurred by a sudden need for repairs or additional infrastructure, the need for careful oversight and planning has risen greatly in prominence. But it turns out there is one solution that may help lessen the burden for property owners and investors in Denver: consulting an experienced property management company.

By hiring a property management company that specializes in the area of MDU management, owners of apartment complexes and multi dwelling units can lessen the headaches that are involved with a sometimes overwhelming and complicated industry. If you haven’t looked into hiring a MDU property manager before, here’s some reasons you may want to start.


  1. Finding and retaining quality tenants is easier.

Having good tenants goes a long way. Quality tenants are less likely to damage units or create issues with neighbors and are more likely to pay rent on time. With the assistance of a MDU property management company, tenant screening is easier and more effective. And by ensuring that all tenants have a positive interaction with leasing agents, a property management company can help improve retention rates.

  1. Tenant concerns are resolved in a timely, efficient manner.

It’s not always easy or convenient to travel to a property to take care of tenant concerns or maintenance issues. Property management companies that specialize in MDU management usually have a network of vendors and staff members on hand at all hours of the day to resolve tenant concerns in a timely, efficient manner, which leads to lower turnover as well as profit gains.

  1. You’ll have access to thousands of dollars invested in legal documents.

Proper documentation is crucial for avoiding legal complications that can result in a financially burdensome situation. In the event that damages are incurred, without the proper documentation in place, a tenant could avoid having to pay for the expenses involved and/or retain their security deposit. A property management company can help you gain access to documentation that protects you financially and is reviewed by licensed Real Estate attorneys.

  1. A property manager will facilitate rent collection and evictions on your behalf.

A MDU property management company can establish a system for preventing late rent payments and addressing them if/when they persist. At Peaks to Plains, we have a team of professionals that are trained in how to deal with late rent collection and are well versed with the technicalities involving the eviction process.

  1. You gain access to a wider audience of potential renters.

There are thousands of multi dwelling units in the Denver metro area alone, so having a strong marketing strategy in place for promoting your property is absolutely essential. A property management company can help establish a plan for advertising your property to potential renters and can even manage your online listings.


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Peaks to Plains is a full service property management company in the Denver metro area that specializes in tenant procurement, property maintenance, and property management for MDU properties. If you own an apartment complex or multidwelling unit in the Denver metro area and are interested in establishing a partnership with our company, please contact our office.