Tips for Procuring Tenants for Your Denver Rental Property During the Winter

Renting properties during the winter months can be a challenge. It’s one of the most festive times of the year and also one of the most dreaded for Denver rental property owners. Tenants don’t like to move during winter months, so renting property can be difficult and stressful.


Successful Strategies for Finding Tenants During the Winter

Each landlord will ultimately approach this challenge different, but there are some proven methods that can help you secure a tenant even when it’s cold outside.


Lease Timing

Time your lease to end in the fall and you won’t have the void during the winter months. If at all possible, consider timing your leases to coincide just before the start of school years. It’s already a refreshing sort of season and tenants are always eager to start fresh. Capitalize on this whenever possible.


Specific Ads for Denver

Targeted Craigslist ads that point to your existing marketing campaigns can help your Denver rental property get more visibility. Make sure you’re running multiple ads with different keywords. Your marketing approach is going to need to be revitalized during winter months so if you’ve been lagging on your social media interaction, now is the time to step up your effort. If you’re already actively engaged on social media, think outside your normal channels. Go to networking events, reach out to community councils, or consider having your ad written by a professional.


Select Your Tenants

Distinguish your possible tenants between the “must moves” and the “want to moves” based on income verification and leasing information. The more desperate they are to relocate, the more important it is hold of until you find the right tenant. It doesn’t make sense to select a tenant because you need to fill the property if they’re not the right fit.


Offers, Offers, Offers

If you’re amenable to discounts, consider offering something to a new tenant to incite them to move during winter. Get creative with your incentives. This doesn’t mean you have to pay the tenant’s heat for two months. People like anything that’s free so think about a Target gift-card or something specific to the neighborhood.


Get More Information

At Peaks to Plains, we’re always happy to provide our assistance to rental property owners in the Denver area. Our team will gladly assist you in finding the right tenant for your property and delight in answering any questions you might have. Please feel free to call our office any time.