Rent Collection

Our team of qualified and professional property managers and controller work diligently to collect rent promptly in order to make our client’s funds available as soon as possible. This includes regular phone calls, emails, and on site visits as needed. In the event that rent is received after the due date, we turn our efforts to collecting late fees to prevent future late payments and offset the costs associated with delayed availability of owner funds. Our property management fee is paid upon success, meaning that we don’t get paid if our owners aren’t paid first. Our interests and the interests of our clients are closely aligned and keep us working as a team.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to collect rent, we will promptly post notice at the residence and begin the eviction process on your behalf. While this is rarely needed, we are well equipped to coordinate this process on your behalf. At Peaks to Plains Property Management we take pride in placing quality tenants who pay on time, and in quickly processing those payments to make the funds available for our clients as soon as possible.