As a technology leader in the property management business, we utilize cloud based platforms for our document storage and accounting. The cloud protects us and our clients against risk of local loss, and allows our clients to access their statements and other documents through an encrypted portal. This same platform integrates our work orders, accounting, leasing and inspections, so that everything our clients need is just a click away. In order to streamline our banking, we accept online payments and distribute owner funds via ACH. Not only does this expedite the payment process, but provides a trail that easily tracked by owners through their online banking portal, without having to deal with checks or regular bank visits.

We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology in our industry. As new opportunities to streamline our business or improve our service become available, we will work diligently to implement when appropriate. We are also aware of the sensitive information we steward, and work hard to keep that safe in the age of swiftly changing technology.